Cylinder Head Full Gasket Set for ISUZU OEM 4HG1 T 4.6L Diesel Engine

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Isuzu NPR 4.6L – 4HG1 Diesel Engine

Full Gasket set Taiwan Arco Brand

Year: 2000 – 2015

T = 1.525


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Buy OEM Head Gasket Set for ISUZU 4HG1 T 4.6L Diesel Engine

Model   From     Thru       Engine

NPR       2000      2015      Diesel 4HG1 4.6L    T=1.525 1 HOLE / 2 HOLE

Full OEM Gasket Set Made in Japan

Have you had to deal with a leaky head gasket? Don’t worry. With Cylinder Head Gasket for ISUZU, you can replace the damaged gasket in your engine, and replace an outdated, worn-out cylinder head, too. The Cylinder Head Gasket is a high-performance gasket made of Aerospace-Titanium that forms a thin, high-pressure, corrosion-resistant layer between the cylinder head’s water jackets and the head itself. With the proper gasket, your engine should still be running smoothly years after the initial installation.