4BD2 Cylinder Head Gasket ISUZU NPR & NQR 3.9L Engine

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Buy ISUZU 4BD2 Cylinder Head Gasket T= 1.60

Model     From     Thru       Engine

NPR        1992      1997      Diesel 4BD2 3.9L               T= 1.60

NQR       1994      1998      Diesel 4BD2 3.9L

Why 4BD2 Cylinder Head Gasket?

One of the most commonly misdiagnosed engine problems is cylinder misfire. This cylinder head gasket is engineered as a direct replacement for your ISUZU 4BD2. This gasket kit is a strong and functional product that fits right into the engine block. It includes the kit, assuring that it will work to your satisfaction. This product is a great way to fix a misfire quickly and with confidence.

Not just another gasket set–this 4BD2 cylinder head gasket set is designed to provide the competitive edge with outstanding sealing performance at a competitive price. It is a manufacturer-recommended product to keep your 4BD2 engine in top condition.