Overhaul Gasket Set – 6BD1

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Overhaul Gasket Set for your 6BD1 engine.


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Isuzu Overhaul Gasket Set 6BD1 – Your Isuzu Overhaul Engine Gasket Set comes complete with full-size gaskets for your 6BD1 engine. This quality Isuzu gasket set comes with the correct type of gasket; the set is built from Urethane and is for both smooth and ribbed surfaces, providing a leakproof seal.

Your six-year- old Isuzu has seen better days. You need a new gasket set to bring it back to life. With a set of brand new, heavy duty gaskets, your Isuzu has a new lease of life. This gasket set for the 6BD1 engine exclusively rebuilds the engine. The exact product you need to fix a leaky gasket problem. These are the perfect gasket sets because they’re impervious to oil and gas leakages.



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